Stop. Drop. Roll.

Straight or curly?

Glasses or contacts?

Long or short?

6 or 7?

Now or later?

There’s always a decision to be made.

‘I think…’
‘I suggest…’
‘You should…’

The Unknown taps his watch
Tick tock
This is the Wall Street of L.J and opinions, like stock, are coming from all directions.

Eyes closed. Breaths even.

There’s a hush.

I close the door of my soul and enjoy the warmth of silence.
I stroll with Ambiguity and start over.

‘I want…’

Live or die?

Don’t you dare close your eyes!

Chapter & Verse

Have you realised how we (humans) love to take ourselves too seriously? 

I am currently sitting in a bus, which is taking it’s cool time, and I saw a group of teens on their way to the beach.

I immediately became envious of them, and started thinking of the things I would do if I just had the time… and money… and less obligations. But like what really is important to me? And thus this list was born.

A List Of What Really Matters
– My Salvation
– My purpose(s)
– Photographs 
– Cold 7Ups with lemon juice
– Roamings
– My father’s face when he sees me (or my mum or sis) after we’ve been separated for either 10 mins or a year
– Quesadillas
– Coldplay concerts
– The man I love
– Books
– My sister graduating with her first degree
– Making sure The Transporters are comfy in their old age
– Poetry
– My girl’s broken heart
– The loss of a first tooth
– Music
– Making bread
– Hugs
– Strollings
– Wind blowing through vehicle windows
– The smell of our family house

Now I am by no means saying that this is what is matters to ya’ll. This list is mine. A tangible reminder of the simple things that, at this moment in my life, matter.
Let’s nt get preoccupied with busyness, ourselves and our own dramas.

Feel again.

Don’t you dare close your eyes!

F l a s h B a c k F r i d a y 

There’s a lump in my throat, comprised of yes’ and nos and maybes and I don’t knows, making it almost impossible for me to hear that ‘still, small voice’. I hurt in places that I thought were abandoned; for these feelings belong to another time, a different place, a softer me. I’m helpless as I watch the scaffolding  assemble for the construction of a beautiful quarter-life crisis.


Don’t you dare close your eyes!


Rock x Hard Place

I used to be scared that I won’t get everything that I want.
Yet I’ve come to realize that sometimes that’s not such a bad thing.
But I’m terrified that I’ll have to choose.
That I’ll have to choose between the 2 things that matter the most.
Between my breath and my life.
And what kind of choice is that?

Don’t you dare close your eyes! 




He says his stomach is a garden which gets overrun by butterflies when he thinks about me.
He says he needs me so much he can’t imagine life without me.
He says he misses me even while he sleeps.
He says our souls are mates…
His actions lie to me but, despite my better judgement, I trust his words.
‘… Hope without guarantees.’  That’s what Tolkien said.
Yet, I’m becoming pretty sure that that’s not what he meant.


Don’t you dare close your eyes!